Week 1 2016 Legacy?

This week I have been taking walks in a particular part of town.  This area of town is in deep need for revitalization and fixing up.  To me, it is a glorious area with great memories and great opportunity.  I constantly think and desire to be the one to start really creating the change.  This causes me to wonder if Legacy could be a PPN for me.  Right now they are Autonomy and True Health.  For sure Autonomy is a PPN for me FOREVER but maybe Legacy could work into my DMP.  It was a PPN that I started with three years ago and then it changed to true health.  I think I am going to sit on this because the hunger to change this area in my community is very strong.

Week #15-a Do you see the meaning of things in your life?

Everything-has-a-meaningRight on time as usual, I read something that totally strikes perfectly with what I have been pondering recently.  During my 24hr foot race at Across The Years a week ago I had a huge epiphany about ultra-running as it relates to my goals and purpose.  I realized that the running or the finish time or the miles was not the goal………the goal was to LEARN something from the journey to those numbers.  THAT’S WHAT REALLY MATTERS FOR ME!

In comes Charles Haanel with Lesson 15:5 “……..We are able to consciously control our conditions as we come to sense the purpose of what we attract, and are able to extract from each experience only what we require for our future growth.  Our ability to do this determines the degree of harmony or happiness we attain.”

Living like this is living with serious and deep insight.  It is being conscious of what is happening to and around you.  Seeking AND finding the reasons why things are happening the way they are.  I love this!  I love to think deeply and ponder what things mean.  And on that run, I was able to “extract from the experience only what I required for my future growth”.  This is revolutionary and allows me/us to win every time, in every thing………by doing this:

  • Experience the situation realizing that you brought it into your life and ask yourself WHY?
  • Sense the purpose of the experience.
  • EXTRACT that gem from it baby!
  • Practice the above
  • Live to a higher degree of happiness!

Just think……..you didn’t fail………you EXTRACTED the real hardcore purpose from the situation.

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24 hour race gives me lots to think about!

Across The Years

I actually kept my promise and did all of my MKMMA work during my race at the Across The Years 24 hour race.  It was really hard to do but I did it.  I also listened to the recordings and said my affirmations for basically the whole time.

Unfortunately, or I guess you could say fortunately, the race ended up being one of those “bad” running days where you just never end up feeling great to be a runner.  I forged on though and kept at it for 12 hours.  I learned a lot during those 12 hours though.  I know in this class we talk a lot about the concrete Buddha and there is something special about these ultra running events that removes the concrete for a short period of time.  When the pain and discomfort and struggle get to a point where it is nearly impossible not to think of it you end up in a place where you are living on a very basic level.  A place where you don’t care about ANYTHING that you don’t need or truly desire.  During these times of the race you kind of have all those notions, opinions, and “self” break downs and realize you are so powerful yet so fragile.  Here are some of the things I noticed:

  • At around 5 hours I could barely NOT think about whether ultra-running was a tool for my PPN of true health.  This is a very different type of running and can produce profound effects in mental strength but is it actually going to bring me true health.  In the past I would have chalked this thinking up to “negativity” because it was thinking that did not correspond to finishing the entire distance my mind hand conceived to finish from the beginning.  I would have thought of it as the type of thinking that would ruin the run, and in reality it was that thinking that brought me to stopping early when I could have certainly gone the full distance had I used the “law of substitution”.  This time was different though, I didn’t immediately reject this thinking and began to ponder more upon the WHY of this type of running.  Why am I doing it, what does it mean for my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), is this something my heart desires more than anything, is it balanced and of TRUE HEALTH???? Keeping an open mind to this led to the end of my race but this time I didn’t see it as the “old blueprint” thinking but rather the more enlightened more powerful REAL me questioning the root of this activity and what it meant, weighing its salt according to my DMP.  When I chose to stop I had no guilt, no shame, no disappointment but rather I had a soundness of soul and mind making the decision with peaceful strength and certainty.
  • Before the race started I saw numerous people hobbling around with very limited ranges of motion thinking to myself, “I don’t want to be like that”.  When you run these and train for them, it is really a “limited” type of training that often reduces your range of motion.  Running is a constricting activity.  This was really the beginning of my questioning my previous thoughts and beliefs about ultra-running and how it fits into my definite major purpose.
  • I had a massive example of the law of growth in a very short period of time.  Once the thought of stopping and the reasoning behind it, and the abandoning of the thought that it was just negative thinking………..there was almost no stopping it and it ended up producing the results to perfection.  I stopped early.  I realized I have battled these types of thoughts off in the past by substituting them with powerful positive thoughts to keep on going.
  • A wonderful thing I felt really strongly about during and after the race was the question of the NUMBER. What is the number of miles and hours worth?  What do those numbers mean to me?  What do I want those numbers to mean to others?  Do the numbers matter at all in the end or is it the experience, the training, and JOURNEY that is truly the meaningful and most impactful part of it all.  I can run 2 miles or 60 miles, but does this change who I am………who I am becoming………..who I will be?  Would it be ok to participate in these awesome runs without expectations and just go with it and experience whatever it is I am experiencing until my heart and mind say I got what I needed from this event?  These are radical questions for me and maybe lots of other ultra-runners because they are not obsessively focused on finishing, or the number.  It’s a radical shift to be sure yet I think it is a good one, a potentially more powerful one, a more open one where more growth as a person could happen because the ultra is a tool rather than the goal.  I have been super obsessed and goal oriented and ALWAYS finished the distance according to my goal, but maybe there is a more profound growth and goal that can be attained rather than just the number.

A lot to think about and I will most certainly be doing another post here as well as a more running focused post at my running blog.

Sunset during my race

Sunset during my race

Week 14-a Getting In Harmony

beams of lightIf we really want to do something, especially something new for us, we have to get into harmony with the rules for that something.  An old mentor told me once that “if you want to win in somebody else’s ballpark you have to play by their rules”.  That to me is a great word picture of harmony and a great thing to remember when thinking about how to get into the flow of doing something that you want to do.  The picture above is what I envisioned while sitting.  I visualized several beams and in order to be within a particular beam you had to step into it………..or be in harmony.  It all seems pretty simple to me how being in harmony works so here is a few steps to getting into harmony.

  • Step into the thing- In order to be in harmony with the thing you want you need to start thinking like those who are already in harmony with it.  Act like those who are in harmony with it.  The laws that we are learning about, we need to adhere to them in a harmonious way which means consciously using the laws to move towards our desires.  If you want to be an elite ultra-runner there are particular things you need to be in harmony with that most all elite ultra-runners do.  If you want to be the best network marketer in the world you need to be in harmony with certain things.  If you want to be the awesomest most rad autonomous person, you need to be in harmony with yourself. LOL
  • Autonomy?????- Today at least, I see that the autonomy really comes from our own choice to make a self-directed decision the step into harmony with what WE WANT TO BE IN HARMONY WITH.  To be in harmony with a thing is to live by those rules right???  That doesn’t sound like self-direction to me but the choice of WHAT to be in harmony with is.  I mean living by the “rules” seems opposite of autonomy but it really isn’t.  The laws are in effect whether we use them or not right?  So we chose how to use them and who/what to be in harmony with.  AUTONOMY!
  • Laws of loving, giving and receiving– Seems to me that no matter what you little autonomous self decided to be in harmony with, there is no better way than to live in a real way LOVING and GIVING as well as to be able to humble and joyfully receive. Emerson’s law of compensation seems to be in harmony with whatever we want to do.

That’s it for today folks.  I will have an update post soon on my 24 hour race this last weekend and how MKMMA worked into it.

Week 13-c MKMMA OATS for a 24 hour run

IMG_20141224_165218231 IMG_20141224_161833137I leave tomorrow morning for the Across The Years 24 hour race.  I wanted to share with you my plan to stay firm in my MKMMA plan and how I am going to leverage our wonderful class to go loooooong.  You can see from the pics above……….it takes a lot of stuff to run for 50 miles, 100 miles, 100K, or 15 hours, 24 hours.  Whatever it may be, I have 6 shirts, two shorts, 3 pairs of gloves, four water bottles, IPOD head lamp, band-aids, tape, vicks vapor rub for chafing, a towel, sweat pants, a heavier coat for night time running, 8 pairs of socks, and two pairs of running shoes.  That’s a lot of stuff to fit into the back pack that you see up above.  I also had to mail to my friend at the race my calories and such that I consume during the race.  Here is my OATS for the race:

  • 5am- Sit, readings, and get ready for race
  • Start race at 9 and eat/drink every 15 minutes for as long as I can
  • Second set of reading for MKMMA around 2pm
  • Listen to my recordings in addition to greatest secret the WHOLE time.
  • Maybe around 9pm do my last readings for MKMMA

The cool thing is that I am going to be doing my MKMMA work and listening to my recordings while exercises for probably the entire day and hopefully for 24 hours.  My goal for the race is to go beyond 63 miles which is my previous record and that took me around 15 hours.  I may stop when I reach that goal depending on how I feel.  Nevertheless I am certain that I am going to be a better stronger person when it’s over no matter what the outcome is.

There you have it, you can check out my other post about this race at my blog about purposeful running.


Week 13-b The Controversial Bull Of The Orient!

bullIt seems that in Og Mandino’s Scroll 3, the bull of the orient has been pretty controversial.  Some people don’t like the fact that the bull and bull fighting are in the scroll and remove it.  Now I love my animals and my little dogs and I prefer kindness towards animals so this has really made me look closer at this aspect of the scroll so that I can work it and gain what Og was intending me to learn from it.  After about three weeks of reading this part of the scroll and thinking on it, here is what I have learned:

  • We are in a life or death battle for OURSELVES!  I read a comment somewhere and the person had mentioned that they didn’t’ like the bull story because the bull dies in a bull fight.  I have realized that I die in my story too.  Og says I persist as long as there is breath in me (I die).  I also realized that if I don’t fight and charge on I die on the inside and become a spectator of my own life.
  • A cool thing I came upon was also that in a bull fight the arena is full but there are only TWO playing the game.  I become grateful that I am in the game when so many people aren’t and admitted that the game isn’t easy to swallow all the time.
  • Then there was the simple picture of life being a battle in which I must have an attitude of FORGING and CHARGING ahead.  Aggressiveness in purpose is fundamental for success.  Life constantly produces piercing blows and we still keep charging on.
  • Finally, I realize that bull fighting is not the choice of the bull.  The bull didn’t ask for this and then there are all kinds of spectators getting a kick out of the bull getting beat down.  This is probably the sickest part of the story but I saw a life truth in it.  It seems……….that in life we find ourselves in arenas that we seemingly didn’t choose and people are all around laughing at us and kind of hoping we fall and fail.  What does Og say we do, charge on despite these stings of life.

Although I understand that many don’t like the picture of Bull Fighting and I don’t really like it either, but I just wanted to find something good in the story and I think I did.

Week 13-a You ARE The Gift!

LetterToYourself-1024x640This week is going to be the best week of my life!  I had a very powerful realization while thinking on the giving card this morning during my “sit”.  I was thinking and visualizing about how we are really a part of the whole, how we are channels/tools for God to produce good in this world.  I began to recite from my memory the giving cards and what I learned from myself is quite amazing and humbling.  Here is what the card says and what I learned:

  1. “Wherever I go, I bring a gift.  It may be a compliment, prayer, trinket, flower, or a smile but I promise to give something to every person I encounter”.  I realized that I AM THE GIFT!  Wherever I go I bring myself and I am a tool and conduit of good.  It’s me, not the trinket or the flower, but me.  If something is given it is because of ME and what’s in ME.  It is not the “thing” but the person who is the gift.
  2. “I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles, and compliments; which I gladly receive with a thank you” Again, each of these things I am set out to notice are really noticing OTHERS bringing a gift wherever THEY go.  So I bring myself (the gift), they bring themselves (the gift).  How powerful to view the people in our lives situations as the ones “bringing the gift”
  3. “I promise to give hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love; consciously with every encounter regardless of brevity.”  This one blew me away.  I realized that I AM THE HOPE.  Not like God or anything like that but who I am, what I do, how I live…………that automatically gives hope to others.  They feel it, see it, and want it.  It was just cool to understand that it wasn’t me saying stuff to bring hope of joy, affluence, kindness and love………..it was me HAVING joy, affluence, kindness, and love that brought hope to others
  4. “I promise to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving”.  Finally, this last sentence, stuck me because it would be hard to expect reciprocity from the channel when you don’t know what the channel is.  Why don’t you know what the channel is?????  Because you are just being you and just being you is bringing a gift wherever you go.  Just being you is producing gratefulness all around.  Just being you is giving hope to those around you.

These are the kind of results or thoughts that my work in MKMMA is producing.  How cool to realize that you are a gift and that you are a tool of good for the world and that by growing into the person you want to be, you are being a gift to the world.