Week #1-a Life change starting in the mind is not as mystical as you might think!


The idea that our minds and thoughts are creative, thereby producing different environments, conditions, and things in our lives is not as outlandish or mystical as you might think.  For example, the picture above is my lawn.  It wasn’t always like that, not even close.  When I first got the lawn it was a mud pit disaster and at that time I put a picture in my mind of the perfect lawn that I wanted so badly and proceeded to always think about it.  Always focusing on what I wanted with some serious obsession.  Four years later it is truly an enviable lawn just like I imagined it being.  It all started with an idea, a picture, and definite purpose for my landscaping.  I never stopped visualizing it and thinking about it and I still think about it.  It seems simple and logical that all things come about this way.  Buildings, businesses, churches, families, basically everything we see and do all started in a persons mind.  Everything does.

Napoleon Hill said these two statements that I love:

  1. The greatest achievement was, at first, and for a time, but a dream
  2. The oak sleeps in the acorn

It is the same concept that got me from living sedentary to dreaming enough to finish ultra-marathons.  My mind pondered, focused, and obsessed over finishing 30 miles, finishing 50 miles, etc.

Now that I have made some MAJOR changes in my life I plan to develop a new and exciting definite major purpose.  It will happen but for right now I am the oak sleeping in the acorn!


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