41efc96579a547999323ff09fcac7010So it is the end of the first week of MKMMA.  I have my 29th marathon to run tomorrow morning so I am writing down some thoughts, reading some OG Mandino, and my DMP (Definite Major Purpose).  I have wrestled long and hard with my DMP the last two days.  It has been great really and invigorating for me.  I like to look inside myself to see what is there.  I like to dig deep to start up new or old dreams again.  I enjoy the process most of the time even if it is not so easy and the guides are not really “telling” you what to do which is a good thing. So I have had a hard time writing down my DMP with a decent sized emphasis on money.  The part that frustrates me about this is that don’t know if wanting the money in my DMP is part of my old blueprint or I want it in there because it is a deep down “real me” desire.  The great thing is I get to decide and find this out for myself.  But deep down, deep deep down the most important thing I want in my life is a sense of peace and confidence that overflows into every single freaking thing that I do.  I have it in so many areas but I am not as bolstered in peace and confidence when it comes to myself, my self image, my belief that I can trust myself.  So back to my DMP…………I don’t feel that I should make my DMP that small (though that is huge) because I am going to get that anyway through this process.  I am getting it now in fact.  It’s a beautiful thing to only after one week to begin to see that true me coming out and me being happy with the true me.  That’s all I want really.  Just like everyone else……to know that I matter in this world, to know that I am special and am impacting people and life for the good, to know that I am ok with myself and God! If you want something special in your life and to begin dreaming again for REAL, get on the email waiting list to get notified when the next session in on: Go here!


7 thoughts on “Week #1-d DMP, MONEY, PEACE, AND SELF CONFIDENCE

  1. Hi Jason,

    The DMP is a challenge for me, perhaps for a different reason. I don’t want money in there at all, because there is something else I want more! I don’t know yet what that says about me, but I will find out.

    I look forward to sharing your masterkey journey with you!



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    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I love to write and it is a great outlet for me. I have another blog as well about running and weight loss.


  3. Thanks for the honesty of your post! This is such an exciting journey! Yes, the DMP is a work in progress. I’m not sure I chose correctly with respect to my PPNs. It’s a bit confusing to me, but that’s all part of learning and discovering.


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