Week 2-a Building blocks look like blue rectangles today!!!

Light_Blue_Rectangle_Labels__45023_1409290705_1280_1280 Today was a nice experience for me.  After making the note cards with the “I Promise” statements yesterday, and reading them several times today, I was EASILY “reminded” about the cards as I drove to some of my appointments.  How was I reminded, I was reminded as intended I believe LOL.  Many times throughout the day I saw the color blue, or a rectangle, and often times even a blue rectangle.  What do you think happened when I saw these things?????????????????

In my mind a wonderfully powerful resounding note of “I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES”.  YES!  Now you can’t beat that compared to what is often going through my mind.  You know, the self-doubt, or pity, or fear.  Those damn thoughts we have coming at us constantly.  The ones that keep us down rather than build us up.  I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES is much better.  Changed the attitude for the entire day and this is only the first day of week two.  Of course (as intended again I am sure), I didn’t just stop there.  I repeated, sometimes aloud and sometimes in my mind, the rest of what my cards said.  The chore I have as a goal, my PPN (pivotal personal needs), and final my signed name on the bottom line.

It’s super simple, and I gather that some people think it is too simple for them to try,  but for me this is a blessing to my days.  I look forward to the day when “I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES” means even more to me than it even does right now.  That day is coming.

One last thing, right now I KNOW that that day is coming.  FOR SURE.  This feeling beats the hell out of some speech or opinion bringing a little added guilt into my day regarding how I am not measuring up to someone else’s standards.  “I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES” IS ABOUT MY STANDARDS AND LIVING IN MY OWN INTEGRITY.


6 thoughts on “Week 2-a Building blocks look like blue rectangles today!!!

  1. I agree with the associations. It’s Friday and it just clicked for me. I’m a little slow I guess. Either that or I don’t get out much. Maybe a little of both??? Anyway, I am taking the assignments on faith that there will come a day when everything falls into place. Great thoughts!


    • Yeah one of my big realizations is that I don’t need to hurry this process or force it I guess. This was really freeing to me as I can get intense when it comes to achievement or goals or growth.

      thanks for you comment I truly appreciate it


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