Week 2-c DMP and Connect The Dots

059-connect-dots-kids-adultsAs I sit there in my office ever so comfortably and warm, I close my eyes bringing up a picture of my Definite Major Purpose in life.  I had just read it aloud with great enthusiasm several times………..you see I am striving to find out what my Personal Pivotal Needs mean to me and how they work into my purpose !  My PPN are Legacy and Autonomy.  Yet my DMP deals a lot with building people up so I am working to reconcile how building people fits in with autonomy.  I have written two versions of my DMP to see which one resonates more with me.

Back to the sit!  As I sit there focusing all my thoughts on Legacy and Autonomy………it hits me.  I don’t have to know HOW it all fits together.  “Oh my God I am thinking!”  It is actually ok to not have the how worked out before that action begins.  My Definite Major Purpose is most CERTAINLY going to happen and is happening right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will see HOW the dots connected with each step I take towards the purpose.  Building people up in their lives is going to fit right in perfectly with autonomy whether I know how right now or not.

I am telling you right now that this is freaking huge guys.  MKMMA is a plan that is going to reveal the how in time.  I am learning that the how doesn’t matter as much as the WHY and the HABITS that move you in the perfect direction you need to go in order to obtain a great thing.  The connect the dots picture above is a visual of what I mean……….my DMP right now may seem HUGE and overwhelming because it is many dots scattered across my life, my perfectionism to have the autonomy and building people thing seems difficult now, but with each day that passes where I continue my journey with reading, focusing, and re-reading………………….A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE IS GOING TO EMERGES FROM THE JUMBLE DOTS (stepping stones)  THAT I AM FOLLOWING! YES!


2 thoughts on “Week 2-c DMP and Connect The Dots

  1. This is wonderful! And oh, so true…
    I feel how much thought and work has gone into this program. I just know it works. I learned many years ago to ‘focus on the what not on the how’ and this is the perfect practical application of that principle…
    Yes, a beautiful picture called our LIFE is going to emerge as we do the work.
    Thank you for sharing!


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