Week 3-a Fiery arrows often get sent to thwart the world within. Guardian stand strong!

Fire-Arrows Today I was talking to a person who inadvertently proceeded to dash every single business and investment idea that I had as too risky, stupid, and or not a good idea.  This really REALLY discouraged me.  I left that discussion feeling really down trodden about my aspirations which are part of my DMP.  But……….this is not all that happened.  Because of the work I have put in the last two weeks, my old blueprint didn’t win.  These fiery arrows solidified within me the PPN’s that I have been wondering about.  Autonomy.  THIS IS MY NUMBER ONE PPN.  I want to leave conversations like this feeling just as alive for my own goals and desires and plans and dreams as I did when I came to the conversation.  I don’t want to be pushed about to and fro by every wind of opinion or distrust or non-agreement.  There is always people who don’t think what you are doing is the best thing for you but I am going to a place where I KNOW that what I am doing is the best thing for me.  I am the best person my life to make decisions about my life.  I am so tired of the feeling that my own choices are not good enough.  My own decisions are not to be trusted.  That nobody else should be trusted.  That partners are bad to have.  That you can’t help others make a lot of money.  All kinds of things that are ingrained in my mind that come from a source that is not God and it is not me.  I don’t have to live according to others fears, or opinions, or anything else.  I am NOW living according to my own integrity and that is what I  intend to strengthen with MKMMA.


8 thoughts on “Week 3-a Fiery arrows often get sent to thwart the world within. Guardian stand strong!

  1. I so hear you, Jason. And I have learned two things. One. Should you decide to share your dreams and aspirations with someone, at the first sign of negativity or even a face, SHUT UP! These people are not vibrating at your frequency and they don’t get you. Two. Every person who ever discourages you from an idea, is the first one to come running to congratulate you when you succeed!
    There is no room for nay sayers and/or disempowering conversations in our lives any more. If before we thought we “owed’ it to them to listen… as Mark says: “Fuggetaboutit” (is that how he spells it? hehe)
    What would have happened if Steve Jobs, Tesla, Michelangelo, Da Vince had paid attention to negativity?


    • I really never shared the DMP or the dreams or talked to them like that. We were just talking generally and they dashed all the ideas down. You are totally right though and thanks for the comment. Great encouragement


  2. Ah, well, if we go back to whatever appears in our reality is mirroring how we feel inside and what thoughts we hold, DO you think we could then say we might be shaking things up and things are showing up externally as a way to get released?
    Or could it be the resistance to change and the subconscious rearing its head and kind of asking: “Are you sure about this? Are you sure you want to do this and let go of the old paradigm?”


    • I think that both are right. I definite think that the second comment about the old blue print rearing it’s ugly head happened but I also think that the fact that the person was being that way was proof that things are changing on the inside AND outside and this made THEM uncomfortable. So the change is happening and that person was losing control over the way I think and my old blue print was kinda saying “hey don’t you think you should think like you always do its scary to believe in things that you weren’t taught” Hope that makes sense lol

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      • Exactly!!!
        One more thing… when we make these internal changes, our reality changes. And sometimes, there are people that leave our lives…we must be prepared for that. It’s good to focus on the new people that will come in to fill the void the other people left behind 😉


      • OH yes. I have been working on this process for a few years now. I just left, three months ago, some people who were not going to work out with the real me. It was the most intense and hardest thing I have ever had to do but my life opened up big time. I can share the story with you sometime if you like.


  3. Ah…..one of the things I believe is that everything in life is about balance. So, when it comes to listening to other people’s opinions about our dreams, we all kind of have to sift through what resonates with us and what doesn’t. Because, sometimes, the other person might be right, but quite often their reaction is based on their OWN fears and failures. Everyone has an opinion, but you’re the one who has to live the consequences of your choices. So you get to choose. That’s what is so cool about this course. It makes us all take a strong look at what we truly want from life.


    • I See it as the other person’s fears were coming out but they were affecting me too LOL. I got all filled with doubt. I am looking forward to my DMP and inner world becoming strong enough to experience the same situation and chuckle knowing that my DMP is going to come to pass.


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