Week 4-a The Self-Pity Guy

Mr T Self-PityThe webcast for Week 4 of the MKMMA program was a great one.  One of the biggest “ah-ha” moments was when Mark J was talking about the “Angry Woman” and “Self-Pity Guy”.  He admitted to being a former self-pity guy and I could relate. This was a really powerful thing for me to hear because the jest of what was being said is that we get addicted to the feelings we have because our brain sends out chemicals during those feelings.  So self-pity guy, even if things are going good, his body is yelling out “Give me something to experience self-pity…..I need some self-pity chemicals”.  So even though things are going good self-pity guy’s subconscious is looking for things (unknowingly) that will help him feel that self-pity, so his hypothalamus will send out the self-pity chemicals that he is addicted too…….because that is a major part of his identity.  Now this is pretty amazing.  In MKMMA we are learning to chose what we want to go after and learn how to put enough FEELING to it so that we can create the arena where our brain and body are calling out to us to find experiences that give us the joy, peace, and courage type of chemicals.  We do this by building habits, ever so small at first, that will have the foundation of worthy feelings and not self-pity, fear, depression, etc.  Thereby, our body becomes “addicted” to the chemicals associated with the positive feelings we want and our subconscious will eventually unknowingly seek out these habits to produce the chemicals.  I hope that makes sense LOL.

Part one of the video I watched is here.


8 thoughts on “Week 4-a The Self-Pity Guy

  1. Another great blog, Jason…I love how you add pictures and videos to enhance your message! I will learn how to do that because…”I CAN be, what I WILL to be!” I think we’ve all sat on the “pity potty” or is it “pity party”? My wife, being born and raised in Boston’s North End, pronounces both the same way, so I guess it doesn’t matter! Point is, we’ve ALL been there…and we’re NOT going back!

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    • Hey James. all you have to do is copy the URL in the address window when you are at the page of the video you are watching. Then paste it into the window where you are writing your post. the video will show up AFTER you publish it, or you can preview the post and see what it will look like. It’s fun to put videos in


  2. Exactly!
    The body monitors the mind and vice versa. So if one day we’re feeling not so great, all we have to do is smile (even a fake smile will do- as the subconscious can’t tell the difference) for 17 seconds and we’ll get a shot of endorphins (feel-good hormones) that will last for 4 hours!!
    Also, exercising works great!
    These 2 things will be great support for the MK work that we’re doing to make it easier to re-program our subconscious 😉


    • Thanks for the tips. I will have to add the smiling in to my day. As far as exercise, well I have 40 miles to run in the next two days. So that is taken care of lol


  3. I am in the middle of a book about quantum physics and it touches on this topic a little bit. It’s very interesting all of the little things that we unknowingly do to create our own reality in a negative way, but it’s exciting to know that by changing our habits and/or thoughts we can change our lives. Yeah!!!


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