Week 6-a Changed a PPN and I’m moving on now

IMG_0167I chose this picture of a hose in my field because it symbolizes my MKMMA journey thus far.  I can see where I am at pretty good, but I can’t see perfectly clear yet where it will end.  You can see the sprinkler at the end of the hose ever so slightly and that is how I am seeing my end.  My DMP is really getting in deep and this is exciting yet at the same time what things will look like at my smart goal times is a bit hazy.  Can’t wait to see it when it becomes crystal clear.

I changed my previous Legacy PPN to True Health.  I love running and being fit.  (You can check out my personal running blog at that link)  I love breathing easy no matter what I am doing.  I love to sit back and not have to pull my damn shirt off my stomach 20 times.  This why I changed it.  I have struggled ALOT with my PPN’s and whether they were correct for me, now they are and hope and power and vigor is now increasing at wonderful rates.  One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the last 5 weeks is that IT IS OK TO CHANGE COURSES, THINGS DON’T HAVE TO BE SET IN STONE TO START, AND I NEED TO LOVE MYSELF DURING THE PROCESS.  Be kind to yourself and journey on my friend!


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