Week 6-b DMP Movie Poster Finished

mkmma live by the compass

IMG_20141103_225411976Making my DMP poster for MKMMA was fun and enjoyable.  It truly did stir the kid up in me and that was a nostalgic experience.  I got out the glue, cut out my pictures, made some color coded bubble letters, and I also added some key words that are ESSENTIAL to the special feelings that are a part of my desired outcomes.  You know……..those feelings that we dream about having deep down in us.  I just couldn’t leave it to pictures alone so I bubble lettered in the words that trigger those feelings: peace, contentment, family, vigor, robust, etc.DMP poster

What I did was put three pictures that reminded my of both of my PPN’s, and three pictures that reminded me of two of my other smart goals.  I have four major smart goals so that works out perfect for the four shapes and colors.  Then, near each shape I also put a reward picture.  Two of those pictures are my family having fun on vacation and two of them are places I am going to take my Self-directedfamily when I achieve two of the smart goals.  This was a great experience and doing it in front of my wife added to the enjoyment.  Then my daughters came down to see what I was doing and were asking why I have a play kit with a compass in it. LOL.  I look forward to my growth nourishing the unfoldment of others around me.


9 thoughts on “Week 6-b DMP Movie Poster Finished

  1. great blog and picture! I like the reward pictures nearby and I love that the family got interested! My son was curious about what I was doing, and now there are color pictures of the movie poster all over the house. He may move out because of it!! (he’s 19!) LOL!! have a great day. jeanne


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