Week 6-c How I see my photo during the sit

my pic for visualizingI thought I would share this photo that I am using for Haanel’s exercise during my wonderful sixth week in MKMMA.  In fact, I shared it on my facebook as well with a note that said “My daughters think I don’t get it……THEY ARE SO WRONG.  Selfie circa 1994 with a regular camera”.  HAHAHAHA.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I also chose this pic because it was taken when we were leaving my special place that we had to visualize during the sit last week.  That place of feeling that matched the feelings we have in our DMP.  I chose to do my own linking lol.

Anyway, the exercise has been pretty interesting so far.  I have found that when you look at something like this photo for ten minutes you notice so much more detail than you ever would normally.  This brought me to the conclusion that basically most people are not observers.  We just glance, viewing only for a moment the whole.  Boy……….this exercise has helped me to realize that I miss out on a lot of good stuff.

Another interesting thing is that when I visualize the picture with my eyes closed it is not always the same exact picture in the photo.  Sometimes it is more active, sometimes it is kind of like revealing only parts, etc.  A good example is the black and white outline pic.  Now this is just an My pic the way I see itillustration but it fits pretty well.  So far I have not been able to hold the finer details for very long or I move from one fine detail to the next but I am getting there.  This has been a fun thing to do as I practice using my mind and hopefully I have learned to take a look at things a like longer, a little deeper, and with  a little more attention.

PS.  Notice any of your colors or shapes in the pic at the top????



One thought on “Week 6-c How I see my photo during the sit

  1. Awesome insights about this weeks Master Key focusing exercise…this is very challenging for me! I feel sometimes like I have the attention span of a gnat…probably from all those years of multi-tasking thinking I was being highly efficient with my time when all I was really doing was developing a bad habit!
    Thanks for the inspiration to work harder at this exercise!


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