Week 7-a The Sound Of Music

This is the 7th week of MKMMA.  For those of you reading this who may be interested in this self-discovery journey, I have to tell you that the time, the effort, and the uncomfortable feeling that change can bring is totally worth it up to this point.  For me this is a dream come true, it is a fantastic voyage into living life for real.  It is not mystical, it is not weird, it is not a bunch of bull crap!  It is a simple process whereby you create habits and thoughts that will change your life the way YOU want to change it.

By far, for me, recording my voice to some of my favorite instrumental music as I read my DMP, Blue Print Builder, Service cards, among other things has been the single most powerful thing I have experienced in a long time.  And that is saying a lot because simply regarding this things out loud and visualizing them is powerful in and of itself.  When I first listened to my recording I got the chills, I got tears, I got joy and peace and laughter and a huge “ah-ha” moment.  It is me on those recordings, with music I feel is super powerful, and I am telling myself what I promise to do and that I always keep my promises.

Now this may not seem like a big deal but the average person probably rarely ever hears themselves say the simple words of “I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES!”.

Do it now…..baby!


14 thoughts on “Week 7-a The Sound Of Music

  1. Sounds great to have your recordings done. It adds another way to incorporate them into your life and is great to add these things to have subby use them. I have to challenge myself tomorrow with doing them myself


  2. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
    It is creepy powerful indeed, to hear our own voices together with the music that brings up feelings within us is mixed and really wakens us up:-)
    Keep on doing great work! 🙂


  3. After reading this week’s blog Jason, I was so inspired, I went back and read all of your others–although it is after midnight! Wow! You have really done all the program so intently that your journey is everything that was promised…and you have reaped the rewards! Hats off to you!

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    • You comment touched my heart. I can’t hardly express how your encouragement means to me. Thank you for reading what I have shared. Each and every word that I have written I put my heart into and hope that it will help others and inspire them. Thanks again you are truly an inspiration


  4. Jason, I enjoyed reading your post. Kudos to you for having your recording done…..still working on mine. Love Pink Floyd. A legend in my time. Glad to be on this great journey with you. I’m listening to your song as I write this. AWESOME!


  5. I must confess, I am intimidated by the whole recording thing. Can you help me with mine 🙂 I do know that music really motivates me when I am working. Even when I worked in an office, music helped me be way more productive, so I’m thinking maybe I am a musical learner.

    You have inspired me to keep my promise to do my recording. Onward!


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