Week 7-b Observing The Struggle

struggleThere have been a lot of posts in the MKMMA blog world this week about struggling.  My take on it is that we are all winning this battle against our subconscious.  The weird thing is that although we are moving forward in such a hugely positive way, it doesn’t always feel good because we are in the UNKNOWN.  Since we are doing such a good job, our old blueprint never has a chance to just rest in it’s old ways and it seems like this is causing withdrawal for it.

I am certainly no different.  We are all hero’s for taking this journey…….because it just ain’t so easy all the time which causes many to shy away from such a thriving life of excitement LOL.  Here are a few things I have struggled with and if you can relate I would love to hear about it in the comment section.

  • Being real–  I have been working so hard at being more positive by reading and re-reading, listening to recordings, blogging, etc that I swear my old blueprint is saying I am not allowed to feel anything negative.  That I am not doing it “right” for wanting to share that I am feeling bummed or it feels overwhelming at times.  So I just said screw it!  I am going to love myself and allow myself to feel what I actually feel and if I feel bummed out and it seems like it’s not working for a day then so be it.  Just love yourself like you do with the guy in the glass.  I get tempted to pre-tend that it is better than it might actually be in the particular moment.  Don’t know if that makes sense at all LOL.
  • Smart goals-  I am still battling it out over one last smart goal that I have.  I am just not FEELING it during my reads so I go back and forth a lot about why I don’t feel it.  I struggling with thinking I don’t feel it because it is my old blueprint telling me to change it because it’s scary or challenging.  But I have other smart goals all that are challenging that I do FEEL.  On the other hand I struggling with thinking that it is my new self, the stronger more powerful and positive Jason just not feeling it because it is too small now and doesn’t fit right with my true purpose in life.  So right now I am just sitting on it.

Leave a comment to start the discussion.  Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Week 7-b Observing The Struggle

  1. Jason I too struggled with whether I have to be upbeat all the time or not . I don’t think it’s possible , but what you can do when things arise is , feel it ,recognize it for what it is , and release it.


  2. I hear ya, I am struggling with one of my PPNs. I’ve had this PPN from the very beginning, certain it was right, and the OTHER PPN I have changed several times. Except I can’t get fired up about the one I’ve had from the beginning. I don’t know whether that’s because it’s too HARD for me…what I will have to do to accomplish it is too intimidating…or if the PPN itself is someone else’s dream, not mine. I am struggling with that. Then again, I think struggle is part of this journey. So glad to be sharing it with you, Jason!


  3. I really relate, and there are times I have trouble with verbalizing what I’m struggling with. Thanks so much for being so open and sharing. I’m finding over time people are more alike than different in so many ways.


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