Week 7-d A Reminder To Myself That It Works!

I wanted to share some pics of my lawn with my readers and myself.  Now I can get pretty picky about my lawn and get discouraged.  So I like to go back and see the progress that it has made over time.  I am putting this here on my MKMMA blog because it all first started out with Ideation…………I had to think it up in my mind first.  Then I begin to visualize it over and over and more detailed.  Then that lead to an earnest desire which brought about action to do something about my idea and dream.  So even though it is a lawn, I think it is helpful to see how the process has worked in the past and since the “subby” has no concept of size…………………You get the point.  Here ya go!   Here is the idea………In my mind, then on paper, then action, the refining, and more refining, then finished lawn. Landscaping plan Sod rolls 2012-06-12_18-36-19_823 2012-09-28_18-12-22_340 IMG_20140729_124922759


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