Week 8-a Tears On The MKMMA Road

Today was such a wonderful MKMMA day.  After this Sunday’s webinar I decided to work the words of my DMP to be a little more specific with added feeling.  Boy this made such a wonderful difference……….or was it the 7 day mental diet that I am on (Which by the way was super victorious today).  Or maybe it was not the webinar at all but the positive thoughts that I have been holding all day which lead me to noticing my DMP was not as positive as I am on the inside now.  Regardless, I put my DMP to the song above and another song from the same group, took a walk in the cold brisk air under the afternoon sun, and let myself shed a nice powerful little tear over how awesome I am.  That’s right.  It was just a special moment where I realized that I am awesome while listening to my song tell me about how great my life is.  Pretty cool huh!!!!!

Would it be ok with you if you felt that you were awesome too?  MKMMA will help you get YOURSELF there!

You can see my blog post about today’s run with tears at my awesome running blog!


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