Week 8-c The Shapes Brought Victory

I had been at a loooooooong club volleyball parents meeting for my daughter on Tuesday.  As I sat there listening to so many young teenage girls talk so negatively about themselves and others, I kept strong in the midst of it with the 7 day diet.  But it was ……..loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.  HAHAHAHA.  So I was a bit ravenously hungry when the meeting goT over and I was in high spirits repeating in my mind “do it now!”.  Then we went to the grocery store.  I meandered here and there, this aisle and that aisle; you know how you do when you go there hungry.  I finally picked out my little unhealthy snack, turned around, and saw THIS.

Red circl xmas tree

Did I mention that my RED CIRCLE is for True Health.  I chuckled inside and thanked myself for my progress, then slow walked the nasty little devilish treat back to it’s home leaving empty handed but proud.  It was just neat to see that it truly was effortless.  It took a bit for it to “happen” but it did happen and that is all that mattered to me at that point.  I went home and made better food choices.  YES!  I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE!



11 thoughts on “Week 8-c The Shapes Brought Victory

  1. Sounds to me like your personal battle is well on it’s way to your true desire. Hats off to you my friend for first being the observer ,then keeping true to your ppn. How did it feel to win this mental battle?


  2. Aarrhhhh Jason!! I was just about to go to the frig and get a piece of chocolate when I read your blog lol. Now I have a quandary – Do I? Or don’t I? True Health is also one of my PPNs and it’s my Green Triangle. I’ll go and get a drink of water… for now 🙂

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