Week 9-b Huge Update On My DMP Struggle

green triangle

Can you see all the green triangles????

After pondering, sitting, and conversing about my struggle with my green triangle DMP smart goal I feel like I have had a huge break through.  I highly appreciate all the input from my blog readers, wife, MKMMA’rs, guide, and my inner self!  Here is what I did:

  • Talked about what got me into the company that I am with.  The true reason I got into this network marketing company was personal growth and mostly my own.  So while talking it out I actually said that I had 100% surety that I would profoundly personally grow by putting the network marketing skills to use.  AMAZING!  It wasn’t the money at all.  I had to be aware of what I was saying though so the opinion weeks got me to this point of awareness.
  • Realized that the skills I was learning are of great benefit to my businesses and personal life outside of network marketing because they enhanced my communication skills which will help my autonomy and boundaries.
  • Fought with the idea of how this smart goal and network marketing really fit into my PPN’s if at all (Autonomy and True Health).  Turns out I think they might but in a very different way.

While talking to my guide, I actually told myself how to fix it and amazingly it corresponds with much of the help I was given by you guys so that is just freaking awesome.  The change I made to my DMP smart goal, I believe, has transformed it into a smart goal that really meshes with my PPN’s.  In the end, it is the PPN’s that really give us the feelings anyway right???  See below the exact phrases of my DMP and the change!

OLD- Before October 2015 I have earned an $8000 monthly income by building people through network marketing. I feel rushes of expanding contentment seeing people’s lives enhanced.

LIFE GIVING- Before October 2015 I have guaranteed powerful personal growth by learning the skills and using them in network marketing and other businesses becoming an effective communicator who builds people and I feel rushes of expanding contentment witnessing my life being enhanced along with others people’s lives.

Thanks again for all of your mastermind help!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Week 9-b Huge Update On My DMP Struggle

  1. I am not surprised at all that the breakthrough would be about personal growth…that is your LIFE JOURNEY! Isn’t It? You just needed to get the wording in there! Sure gives me some ideas, as your blogs always do!!! Thank You!

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  2. Jason, i can totally relate to your struggle. I am sure glad that you figured this out!! Made me think that i might an unrealisctc goal as well. But only in case that i’m not taking action. If i do, this is totally resonable. So i concentrate on personal growth and practising and applying skills from Go90Grow. This should bring the result.


  3. Jason, I didn’t even see the question under your picture when I noticed all the green triangles! Awesome picture for this post!! I’m glad you’ve resolved your DMP issues. 🙂


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