Week 9-c Wanna Hear The Future? Press Release Recording Here!

It’s like a movie!  For a limited time only.  It’s not perfect and it may be hilarious for you to listen to, but it’s a pretty cool thing to listen to for me.  Check it out if you want to satisfy your voyeuristic side LOL.

Just go to the very bottom of my press release page and you will see the video to play the whole thing read out with different voices even!




6 thoughts on “Week 9-c Wanna Hear The Future? Press Release Recording Here!

  1. Okay, Jason, it is clear to me that there is no end to your talents. I am fostering some kittens for the local humane society and I thought I would hang out with them while I read blogs. They are living in my bedroom so I was on the bed with kittens curled up beside me and I thought okay, this sounds like an interesting concept. It was starting to get dark but I didn’t want to disturb the kittens by getting up to turn on a light, so I sat in the darkened room, listening to your recording. I felt like I was listening to one of those old radio shows, with a master story teller, or to some of the public radio shows. It was mesmerizing. You could be a radio announcer and there is definitely some theatrical talent there as well. You are very creative! What a gift. I felt transported, like I was there.


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