Week 10-c Reminder To Celebrate The Win

POA picI wanted to write a post to just remind myself and anyone reading to celebrate the little wins.  The service for me this week was to simply call to get my mower picked up to get worked on.  This way I can make sure that my lawn stays in tip top shape.  I celebrated hard when I did this.  I did it on Monday and I have celebrated three times a day at least cheering myself on for getting the simple task done.

I have also ramped up the celebration for the POA card in the picture above.  This is my office, sitting next to the fire place outside, where I listen to all the webinars.  I love my POA and I have been doing it to a “T” and super proud of it.

Celebrate the awesome things you are doing, even if you feel like not much is happening or that you have missed things or haven’t done it perfect.  CELEBRATE because what you HAVE done is making changes within you!!!!



7 thoughts on “Week 10-c Reminder To Celebrate The Win

  1. Thanks for the reminder Jason…it’s so important to celebrate our victories along the way no matter how big or small. I know for me personally, I tend to forget this sometimes.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to post such an encouraging blog! Most of us probably need reminders to do more of this. I know I do. It’s not just a matter of checking things off a list, it’s the emotion behind keeping our promises that will transform us.


    • Yeah I work hard to remember to celebrate. I normally celebrate WAY more enthusiastically when I am outside and can run around and jump lol


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