Week 11-b Can You Relate?

empathyI was sitting there in my “sit” chair after my sit was over pondering this little thing: The posts’ in the alliance trend toward the positive.

I was wondering if this is more based on the class working in the minds and lives of people and/or that it is just more likely that people post positive things rather than negative things meaning they tend not to share the negative.  I am not talking about “bashing” type negativity but more along the lines of struggles.  So I wondered, if at times, people feel somewhat alone because they are struggling and mostly read that everyone is victorious.  I have been there, not just in MKMMA, but in many arenas of life.  So I wanted to post a real post that maybe the people who are struggling today might relate too.  It is not always the easiest thing to share a negative experience or thought in true honesty when we are all working really hard to do the 7 day mental diet and can’t share opinions.

  1. This week I have not felt EXCITED about what I am doing even though I know it is a super powerful exciting thing.
  2. At times I worry that I am supposed to be feeling awesome 100% of the time and I don’t so then I wonder if I am doing something wrong.
  3. Just the plain ole’ thought, “Am I doing this right”.  Red pencil!  LOL
  4. Why does it “appear” to be so easy for that person and not for me.  Even though we don’t actually know how it is for that person REALLY.
  5. Sometimes I just don’t want to do the exercises but I still do, does that mean I don’t get it or am not doing my best because I don’t want to even though I do.  I think this is truly where the victory is…….doing it regardless.
  6. Am I being realistic and why do I feel like I am delusional at times hahahahaha.  Bridging the gap baby!
  7. It’s odd that the more positive that I get the more alone I can feel because most people are so negative and now I can no longer relate to them as well as when I was more negative.  I am really focused now.
  8. Why doesn’t this person I am talking to know what the heck DMP means LOL
  9. Am I being balanced about all of this, can a life of burning desire even have a balance.
  10. I wonder why nobody really responds to my posts in the alliance area?

Anyway, just thought I would share some of the things that pop into my mind, hopefully for 7 seconds or less though right!


16 thoughts on “Week 11-b Can You Relate?

  1. Your posts are among the best. I enjoy reading them. You are able to convey a lot of thought and I agree with this blog in its entirety. I think that the issues you are listing are also those that I feel and probably the majority of the MKMMA. The difference is that you are able to express them.

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  2. Jason, I hear you with this. Especially #3. It is amazing, how much negativity I see in people, and at times, ehem, in me too….especially before the class. Thanks for the reminder to post in the alliance. I struggle with it bc it’s not easy to go back and see where I said anything etc. But I will look for your posts. Keep up the great, inspiring writing and sharing! 🙂

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      • Jason, first of all, in really relate to what you write. I was writing about it in my previous blogs as well. That I do feel lonely at this journey. Grateful for our group of MKMMAers. Thank you for shraring and being so honest.
        Regarding the comments… you need to go to your profile, it will show you all comments that you personally wrote. And by clicking on them, you can see the responses. I will go there and search your posts as well. Thank you! Keep going!


  3. Well done, Jason. I think a lot of us share your thoughts. As for # 10. I’m not sure what’s going on in the Alliance area – it seems extremely busy, people are just posting and don’t seem to be connecting there. I rarely post there now, just try to comment on what other people are saying. All the best.

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  4. Well said Jason. I feel the same way a lot of the time and I’m sure there are other people out there in the MKMMA who do also. This is an amazing program and you right, when you read all of the positives in the alliance area, it tends to be a bit of a bummer sometimes because you are not having the major “breakthroughs” that others are having. I can honestly say though, at least for me, even the small steps forward are a major breakthrough. Thanks for your honesty, it’s appreciated 🙂

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  5. I am with ya, baby, about the more isolated sensations!! I’m already out of the edges-I’m a homebirth midwife-and would have said to anyone that aksed that I’m pretty comfortable shouldering the concept that I will be the one in the room that challenges what you think you know in very basic areas. Not that I like to confront or argue, but what I get to do and see every day turns most folks’ believe systems on end. So, figured this little Sunday class (!) would be no big deal. Can’t thank you enough for posting your thoughts and observations. almost crying with relief that it’s not just weirdo me! and have to go along with brendaf’s comment that posting in the alliance area is like sending a paper airplane off the Empire State building–the comment is out there, where, who is reading it, any hope of finding a response to it…. anyway. Thanks, Jason for posting your reality so the rest of us and relax and know how very normal we all are. Hope to share some pineapple water with you at the Kauai Sheraton!

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    • your comment really touched my heart. I am so glad the post was able to reach out to you and be meaningful. you are awesome and I am so thankful that you read my blog

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  6. Jason, I really enjoyed your blog and the honesty and lesson you had for all of us. I share your thoughts whole heartedly and I know I have had my moments as well. Here is one of my affirmations that I say to remind myself to keep going. “I am determined to be determined… to live a determined life. To live my life on purpose. I will persist until I succeed -True North, strong and free”.

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