Week 12-a Having What You Want NOW!

one-good-thing-blog2I have what I want right now!  It’s an amazing thing and I will explain with a little story.

There was a man walking through the desert in the dead heat of day……..it had already been days since he left on his journey in the desert.  He was tired and approaching probable death all the while wishing he had a “way” to get out safely.  The man carried with him a horse which he led by a rope.  He struggled on and on and on, with each day becoming more difficult and tiring.  He had walked far enough to know that if he turned back he would most certainly die and if he kept going forward he would also die.  He never realized that he could just get on the horse and ride out of danger.  He had what he needed for his journey the whole entire time.

That is the visual that I had when I was in the mirror for 50 minutes during the webinar this Sunday.  I realized that I actually am that person that I was reading about in my “one-liner”.  It was no emotional shocker to me nor was it necessarily exciting.  It came upon me in a matter-of-fact way as simply true.  I realized that for so long people even saw me as the guy I was reading about.  It was almost like I was the only one who didn’t see it.  This was ONE GOOD THING that really hit me and I am so glad it did.  We have it in us now, we are those people we are reading about.  We are our future selves.

This also brought together a VERY IMPORTANT personal “pay-off” for me.  I have been pondering this long and hard for weeks now……..maybe months.  What is it you ask???  It is the conversation that we all constantly talk about how the stuff in our lives is the effect of the cause which is our thinking.  I have really been thinking on this because it appears (maybe it’s only me) that the conversation is totally bent toward negativity bias.  Meaning that when the conversation comes up it is usually around some thing or circumstance in our life that we don’t like and we have to find a way to realize that we are responsible for it.  I don’t have a problem with this at all.  What I do have a problem with, until now, is the exact opposite.  I totally get that the things I don’t like are caused by me but I have not believed that all the GOOD THINGS are.  I actually am successful, I always achieve my goals, I have persistence and endurance like crazy, I have so many good things in my life.  Thus the people that are not living in my inner world see me differently than I do.

I finally got the great and most wonderful comfort that I, Jason, myself, me………created all of these wonderful things and circumstances in my life by my thoughts and actions bringing in the effects that I want.  Sometimes when I don’t like the effect it takes me awhile to change it but I always do.  I realized that I could just jump on the horse………..meaning jump on the abilities that I have and have always been demonstrating my whole life.

So back to the mirror!  I felt somewhat sad actually.  Saddened that I have gone so long and not realized that my awesome life conditions were created by me, my thinking, my choices.  The fact that even others could see it but I couldn’t because of some sick way of seeing myself.  But in the end confidence and calmness filled me up knowing that I am responsible for the things I have in my life.  And I love those things!!!


17 thoughts on “Week 12-a Having What You Want NOW!

  1. Oh my gosh! You have arrived!!! Amazing, Fantastic, Tremendous…You are right! We have been seeing this in you all along. The cement finally all fell off! The gold is shining through! He stands before us…behold, in the mirror, looking back. You love you…I love you! Look out World!!!


    • Thanks for your encouragement. It feels great to realize that even though I didn’t have the emotional part like others had I had my own thing that was really meaningful. Thanks for reading my blog


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