Week 12-c IMPORTANT! Intention and Attention Exposition

intention_focus_beamIn response to our call to focus on #4 of the Week 12 Lesson, I decided to share what I learned.  The fourth sentence of MK12 led me to really looking at #25.  Here is what the sentences say:

#4-“The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward.  Eternal vigilance is the price of success.  There are three steps, and each is absolutely essential.  You must first have knowledge of your power, second, the courage to dare; third, the faith the do”

#25- “The intention governs the attention.  Power comes through repose.  It is by concentration that deep thoughts, wise speech, and all forces of high potentiality are accomplished.”

Lets start with #4.  Willard Tate, a teacher I had, always said that a rut was just a grave with the ends knocked out of it.  He also said that if you are not growing you are going backward.  This really matches with #4 to me.  The only way to get where we want to go is by moving forward, by growing………no matter how slowly.  Just keep on keeping on toward the goal, the DMP.  It’s a lot like running a marathon, you just have to keep going because if you stop you will never get to the point you are working and have worked towards:  The Goal!

The cool thing about #4 is that it tells us how to get there in a very simple way.  This is how I see it.

  • First, you have to realize that you CAN do it.  This is the part where you have to change your mind so that it believes that something more is possible.  It seems #25 has the answer on how to get to this place.
  • The second part is to dare.  To me this means to dream bigger.  When I started running, two miles was really hard but I dreamed of more.  I dreamed of going long.  I dared to believe that running a marathon, or a 50 miler, or even further was possible.
  • Then finally, you have to step out in faith with action.  Nothing happens without action.  I could have told the universe all day long that I want a finish in a 50 miler but without training it ain’t gonna happen.  It took faith the believe that starting a training regime for a 50 miler would accomplish what I set out to accomplish.  Action is always required and faith is required to take action because EVERY time we do take action we are not there yet, we are not exactly that person we want or think we will be when we attain.  But in reality you are because the person who attains is the person who takes action.  Nobody FELL to the top!

This led me to seeing a striking thing in #25.  I saw it as an antecedent to the three steps.  It is was CAUSES the three steps to occur.  Check out these definitions from Webster:

  • Intention– The determination to act in a certain way, what one intends to do or bring about! (This is like when we first want to truly become something)
  • Attention– The act of applying the mind to something, carefully thinking about, listening for, or watching someone or something.  Noticing with interest and awareness. (This is like the law of growth starting with our thoughts as we begin to think more about the thing we want to be)

Here’s the chain of events:

  1. I have this thought, “I want to be this”!  I am determined to be something or do something new which begins to create #2
  2. I apply my thoughts constantly to the thing that I want and am determined to do.  I am always thinking about it by dreaming of it, fantasizing about it, reading about it, constructing pictures in my mind of it, seeing things out in the world that remind me of it, I start watching others do it and talking to others who have done it or are doing it.
  3. Soon I begin to believe that I CAN.  That I can actually maybe do this.  If others have done it why not me.
  4. Once this happens I begin to dare that me, little ole’ Jason, can run a marathon, or start a company, or buy real estate all with great success.
  5. Before you know it my faith brings into action my thoughts.  I start running and training, I start meeting with real estate investors, I start planning out future businesses.

This, to me, is the coolest thing.  It is not this mystical law of attraction, speak it into the universe stuff.  This is a sound real chain of events.  I am REALLY THINK ABOUT THIS.  When was the last time you did something that you hadn’t thought about prior to doing it.  Have you even EVER accomplished a thing without action??? And did you ever take action before the idea entered your thoughts.  Do you give your attention to things that you aren’t interested in.  How did the interest develop???  This is how buildings are created, teams become national champs. You become a millionaire.  You create a life of your dreams.  You become fit, or happy, or successful, or whatever it is that you intend for your life, give your attention to, believe it’s possible, dare to dream, and take action.


12 thoughts on “Week 12-c IMPORTANT! Intention and Attention Exposition

  1. Fantastic revelations through The Master Key.
    ” whatever it is that you intend for your life, give your attention to, believe it’s possible, dare to dream, and take action.”
    Thank you for sharing


  2. love the picture of ‘No one fell their way to the top’!! love the ” I can think about running a long marathon all I want, but until I DO something to run that long marathon…”
    All the steps, do you give your attention to things you are not interested in (almost feel like you caught me with my hand in the cookie jar! that one spoke loud and clear!!), the picture of the top step, the attainment of the goal; and what was done or had to happen on the step right before the top step? and the step before that step? and the one before that one?–revisiting the exercise of seeing the tomato before you as a seed-all those steps that had to be in place prior to the grand culmination! thanks for your works of inspiration and insight.


    • Thanks so much for your awesome comment. It really is the action (application as Mark says) that gets us there. But the application starts with a thought, dream, idea.

      Thanks again you are a great supporter


  3. Jason, you’re a star! I’ve been thinking about the implications of Sentence #4 this week too…either going Forward or going Backward – there is no “neutral” on this Carr’s transmission! How absurd to think of the price of success being anything other than Forward. The eternal vigilance is similar to Mandino’s thoughts in Scroll 3 about persistence – the small actions, taken daily, that comprise Persistence.


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