Week 13-c MKMMA OATS for a 24 hour run

IMG_20141224_165218231 IMG_20141224_161833137I leave tomorrow morning for the Across The Years 24 hour race.  I wanted to share with you my plan to stay firm in my MKMMA plan and how I am going to leverage our wonderful class to go loooooong.  You can see from the pics above……….it takes a lot of stuff to run for 50 miles, 100 miles, 100K, or 15 hours, 24 hours.  Whatever it may be, I have 6 shirts, two shorts, 3 pairs of gloves, four water bottles, IPOD head lamp, band-aids, tape, vicks vapor rub for chafing, a towel, sweat pants, a heavier coat for night time running, 8 pairs of socks, and two pairs of running shoes.  That’s a lot of stuff to fit into the back pack that you see up above.  I also had to mail to my friend at the race my calories and such that I consume during the race.  Here is my OATS for the race:

  • 5am- Sit, readings, and get ready for race
  • Start race at 9 and eat/drink every 15 minutes for as long as I can
  • Second set of reading for MKMMA around 2pm
  • Listen to my recordings in addition to greatest secret the WHOLE time.
  • Maybe around 9pm do my last readings for MKMMA

The cool thing is that I am going to be doing my MKMMA work and listening to my recordings while exercises for probably the entire day and hopefully for 24 hours.  My goal for the race is to go beyond 63 miles which is my previous record and that took me around 15 hours.  I may stop when I reach that goal depending on how I feel.  Nevertheless I am certain that I am going to be a better stronger person when it’s over no matter what the outcome is.

There you have it, you can check out my other post about this race at my blog about purposeful running.



15 thoughts on “Week 13-c MKMMA OATS for a 24 hour run

      • Wow! I am in awe of your dedication. I am a runner as well (shorter races) but I would have totally bagged the readings during a race 24hour race and made up an excuse that I just wouldn’t be able to do it. You inspired me to step up my game with my own running and with what this course is teaching me about life. I hope that we are both at the event this spring so I can give you a hi-5. Truly awesome!


      • Flo, awesome comment thanks so much. The race is over now and I learned a ton about what I truly want. I will being doing a post about that soon


  1. Jason, Read this blog and your weight loss blog as well. I have had the ame weight problem as you though i never hit the 300 mark. Started Weight watchers 2 years ago and made goal 12/20/2012. (57.5lbs lost) The weight is still off. i can’t run anymore because or one hip replacement and another in January but I walk 40 to 50 miles a week . I can relate totally to all you say. Kudos to you for the loss the blog and all the other achievements.


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    • John, I love WW. I have been on the WW journey for a long time now. That is awesome that you do that much walking that is not an easy thing to do. Good for you man!

      It’s always great to have someone read the running blog that can relate to the weight issues and such. Thanks for reading


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