Week 14-a Getting In Harmony

beams of lightIf we really want to do something, especially something new for us, we have to get into harmony with the rules for that something.  An old mentor told me once that “if you want to win in somebody else’s ballpark you have to play by their rules”.  That to me is a great word picture of harmony and a great thing to remember when thinking about how to get into the flow of doing something that you want to do.  The picture above is what I envisioned while sitting.  I visualized several beams and in order to be within a particular beam you had to step into it………..or be in harmony.  It all seems pretty simple to me how being in harmony works so here is a few steps to getting into harmony.

  • Step into the thing- In order to be in harmony with the thing you want you need to start thinking like those who are already in harmony with it.  Act like those who are in harmony with it.  The laws that we are learning about, we need to adhere to them in a harmonious way which means consciously using the laws to move towards our desires.  If you want to be an elite ultra-runner there are particular things you need to be in harmony with that most all elite ultra-runners do.  If you want to be the best network marketer in the world you need to be in harmony with certain things.  If you want to be the awesomest most rad autonomous person, you need to be in harmony with yourself. LOL
  • Autonomy?????- Today at least, I see that the autonomy really comes from our own choice to make a self-directed decision the step into harmony with what WE WANT TO BE IN HARMONY WITH.  To be in harmony with a thing is to live by those rules right???  That doesn’t sound like self-direction to me but the choice of WHAT to be in harmony with is.  I mean living by the “rules” seems opposite of autonomy but it really isn’t.  The laws are in effect whether we use them or not right?  So we chose how to use them and who/what to be in harmony with.  AUTONOMY!
  • Laws of loving, giving and receiving– Seems to me that no matter what you little autonomous self decided to be in harmony with, there is no better way than to live in a real way LOVING and GIVING as well as to be able to humble and joyfully receive. Emerson’s law of compensation seems to be in harmony with whatever we want to do.

That’s it for today folks.  I will have an update post soon on my 24 hour race this last weekend and how MKMMA worked into it.


17 thoughts on “Week 14-a Getting In Harmony

  1. Jason, being in vibrational harmony or in “tune” is true on so many levels or actually all levels. To me one of the most important laws of nature is that of balance. Harmony is a description of motion in balance. Thanks for sharing.
    PS. Looking forward to your “report” on the run. Thx

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  2. Jason, you are such a deep thinker as I read your blogs…your insights about harmony and laws is very unique for me. That is why these Master Mind opportunities are so valuable! Another benefit from the long runs?

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    • GRACE! So glad you came over. Thanks for the compliment and your reading is the greatest compliment you could ever give me thanks so much


  3. Very interesting comments on Autonomy. Autonomy started out as one of my PPNs, but I had difficulty in finding a way to reflect it in my DMP, so I changed it to Legacy but I know my goal is Autonomy. I love the photo you have here – all your photos are so fantastic! Thank you again for sharing.

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    • Brenda, for me Autonomy means living a self-directed life where I am no being help up by others or walking on egg shells because I am scared of upsetting everyone and living scared. it is the single most important thing for me to achieve and I have come so so far in that journey over the past four years


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