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Hello there.  My name is Jason and this blog is here to explore……………myself!  Now even though it may be about a journey that I am on does not be any means denote that it won’t help you one the journey you are on.  Since I was a kid I have always liked to help people.  I don’t really recall helping a lot of people but people say that I have so that is pretty cool.  I am a pretty internal kind of guy and a bit shy I guess.  The super outgoing of you may think I am a recluse……hahahaha……….and the most introverted of you may think I am way more outgoing than I think I am.  I guess none of that really matters though.  The simple fact is that I am just me and that is enough.  I have been on many journeys that other people wish they could be on and that makes this place an open invitation to believe in yourself enough to take YOURSELF on a new path.  A few simple facts about me:

  • I went from pretty damn obese to running ALOT of marathons and ultra-marathons.  I have been on the weight loss journey!
  • I really love my yard and a super nice lawn.
  • Running is a meditative outlet for me and allows me the opportunity to push my body with my mind.
  • I love to laugh……….HARD.  So that when I go to bed I let out a big sigh thinking “man…what a great life”.
  • I have my fears and hard things that at times prevent me from doing everything I really want to do.

I am on this MKMMA journey because I just made one of the biggest moves in my entire life only about 3 months ago.  I feared it, I lothed it, I was guilt ridden about it………..but I did it and boy has my life freed up in ways I never thought possible.  Ask me about it if you want to know more.  You see, without knowing it, I started this MKMMA journey a long time ago with the help of an important friend and that is why I was able to acheive this huge life change that I just experienced.  But it didn’t happen without dreaming of it first and then making a plan.  Now the world is wide open to FINALLY experience the true joy, peace, and exhuberance that I have always dreamed.  This blog is about the organized fashion in which I will achieve what I have always wanted.  Enjoy the view!


16 thoughts on “Get to know me!

  1. Congratulations on your SUCCESS!
    We do share that “Change the Obese Thing” I had great success the past few years, but last year I foolishly accepted a JOB, and my lifestyle and time commitments changed. Thank goodness it was only a year; but it did cost 20+ gain. In my seventies I was so tired when getting home, my normal routines and eating habits fell into sloppy HABITS. So this journey is renewing my VOWS to myself established in 1960 when I first engaged Haanel and Hill. Writing my DMP then, at age 17, provided a blueprint for a very rewarding life. Funny, I also purchased Mandino’s book in 1968 and used that to fine tune professional selling skills.
    Looking forward to hearing more. I would enjoy hearing more via e-mail


  2. I’m responding to your week 9 post. I too have a monetary goal in my dmp and fake an emotion when reading it. My struggle is that it has been such a dream to make the kind of money suggested in my dmp, that it hasn’t taken hold of me as a real possibility yet. Other have done it and my opinion is, so can I. However it still seems at arms length for me. I don’t have an answer for you other than to continue to trust the process and fake it til you make it, like me! 🙂


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